Warner Bros.

Dive into the Magic: Warner Bros. and Guinness Crafting Aquaman’s Perfect Pint!

Who are Warner Bros?

Warner Bros. are a film and entertainment studio founded in 1923 by four brothers. They are global leaders in the American film industry, and are known for movies including Lord of the Rings, Aquaman and Harry Potter.

The Brief:

Collaborate with Guinness to provide a personalised experience for those attending the launch of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

What We Did:

  • Helped create content for the film launch.   

Event Day:

Jason Momoa graciously engaged in interviews to promote his latest movie, Aquaman 2. Partnered with Guinness, we embarked on a mission to craft “the perfect pint.” As Momoa poured his pints, we added the Aquaman logo, adding a touch of magic to each glass. Subsequently, we were invited to an intimate after-party, offering a unique chance to network and converse with fellow influencers, celebrities, and Warner Brothers directors.

Follow the link to watch Jason Momoa show us the “Perfect Pint”! https://youtu.be/tTVPb9v1bkk?si=j0qsSBLM2EaQNl9d

“Fantastic service!! The guests were definitely impressed with their printed drinks!”
– Warner Bros.

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