Toast to Timeless Beauty: Shiseido’s Legacy, Served in Every Cocktail

Who are Shiseido?

Shiseido are a Japanese premium and innovative skincare, makeup and fragrance company. Founded in 1872, they have become a prestigious leading beauty brand covering every angle of the beauty world. Their products are known to be high quality, and have sub-brands including Nars, Drunk Elephant and Issey Miyake.

The Brief:

Prior to the event, we were instructed that we were doing cocktails and mocktails for a company office party. We closely followed their “English Country Garden” theme to create a special summery vibe for the staff attending!

What We Did:

  • Cocktail service
  • Catered for 150 guests
  • Flair bartending (fire, bubbles, etc)
  • Selection of bespoke cocktails and mocktails, with lots of emphasis on personalised elements such as printed drinks and custom stirrers.

Event Day:

Working with Shiseido was a pleasure. We worked closely with the event organisers to combine beauty and cocktails, and provided a personalised cocktails and mocktails for the staff. We put together a bar design to match the theme of their day which was heavily complimented and enjoyed by all.

“Thank you so much! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and said the cocktails were great! I would love to send you all a thank you gift!”
– Shiseido

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