Lipsy London

Sip in Style with Lipsy London: Where Fashion Meets Mocktails

Who are Lipsy London?

Lipsy London are a leading fashion brand owned by Next, known for selling clothes, accessories, beauty products and homeware. They were founded in 1988 in London and have since grown to have over 50 stores and are a large online retailer


The Brief

Lipsy London hired us to serve mocktails at their Halloween themed corporate event in the head office in London. We worked with their team to build a theme for the bar using props and personalised elements.

What we did

  • Developed a customised menu to suit their needs and preferences
  • Customised bar and stirrers
  • Flair bartending (fire, bubbles, etc.)
  • Catered to 300 guests
  • Themed bar with decorations

Event Day

Embracing the spirit of Halloween, we transformed our setup into a spooky lab, complete with themed bottles, novelty glassware, and syringes. To align with our commitment to sustainability, we repurposed old medicine bottles and other items for our decor. The collaborative efforts of the Lipsy London team made the entire process easier, as they eagerly assisted us in every aspect.

“Our staff loved the mocktails and you guys completely nailed the brief, thanks again”
– Lipsy London

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